ArtCity is an online platform that creates a virtual community of buildings and houses providing links to leading galleries, partner corporations and cultural institutions.

Created by MasterArt, a Brussels-based firm renowned for its leadership in the fine art field, ArtCity replicates as closely as possible the in-person experience of fine art fairs and is expected to have major impact among collectors and investors. ArtCity plans to organise various ArtCity per year.

ArtCity is currently planning the next edition.

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For generations collectors have personally experienced the world of fine art by attending major art fairs. These huge industry functions are distinguished by three fundamental features:

An anticipated, finite time-frame, creating focus, excitement, discovery and franchise.

The showcasing of art works in ideal settings and surroundings, inspiring buyers and allowing them to visualize how it could fit into their own homes.

Interface with accomplished gallery owners, dealers and industry leaders; gaining their perspective, expertise and purchase assistance

However, the environment is changing as health concerns, travel restrictions and economic conditions pose new challenges for collectors to pursue their passion in traditional ways. Peoples’ habits are also changing, as they are discovering the internet as a source of entertainment as well as information. In turn, exhibitors must find resourceful ways to keep pace with this evolving environment and meet the needs of their customer base.



Differentiated from existing online platforms, which essentially represent “story reading” of an artwork’s specifications, ArtCity embodies “story telling” - providing in-depth perspective on the work’s inspiration, impact, provenance and value.

Created by MasterArt, a Brussels-based firm long-renowned for its leadership in the fine arts sector, ArtCity utilizes proprietary technology to, as closely as possible, replicate the art fair experience online. The result is a novel user experience combining a transactional sales platform with news, education and entertainment content tailored to today’s high-end art market.

How It Works


The core of ArtCity is an ingenious interactive website, laid out in the design of a virtual “community” of buildings and houses. The technology is intuitive, easy to use and fun to navigate. Each partner is allocated a location on the online ArtCity. The corporate buildings are interspersed with houses of top galleries representing diverse genres: from classical to impressionist, modern and contemporary art.

Each building is linked to any of several options of the partner’s choosing, linked to the world of fine art, such as:

A virtual tour of the partner’s private art collection, showcasing the artworks in an elegant setting

An information page on the partner’s identity and activity 

A presentation on newsworthy trends in the fine art world linked to the partner’s activity

An exclusive, interactive conference on topical issues hosted by renowned experts

Possible synergistic programs with other compatible partner brands